Tour preperation (overnight, weekend tour and Week tour)

· Head torch required (not hand torch) because it's part driving in the dark and at other times during the tour (such as feeding the dogs, the lavatory etc). Depending on the stock we can offer you a head torch for the price of 100 SEK.

· Your clothing for the tour should be hardwearing and warm, ideally made of natural material, wool or cotton.

· You should have a couple of changes of underwear, long thermal underwear and socks.

· Hygiene products

· Bring your camera but be sure to take spare battery with you, when it is not possible to charge the battery.

· Sun glasses are recommended for tours in the later winter months (March – May), bright sunlight combined with snow is not good for your eyes.

· We provide: snow-scooter overalls, warm boots, winter hats, gloves, sleeping bags and towel.